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Warren Buffet's Wisdom

Here's a hunch. Most of us know about Warren Buffet, but very few would have actually gone on to the Berkshire Hathaway web site to check out his company.

I shamelessly admit that even though I admire the man, I have never thought of visiting his company's web site. On the other hand, I admire Gates, but definitely not some of Microsoft's practices, but I visit their web site quite regularly.

Goes to show that information consumption pattern could be quite different from personal opinions. Hmm..interesting.

Coming back to Warren Buffet, I read a post on (where else !) Venturewoods today about Buffet's annual letter to his shareholders. As a matter of habit, I generally prefer to read the source than the excerpt. So, I promptly went to the Berkshire Hathaway site and discovered that the site has all of Buffet's letters to shareholders since 1977 ! I was 5 years old in 1977.

You can access all those letters from this page. If you have any interest in how the stock market operates, you should read these letters. If you have any interest in how businesses are built, and how one of the foremost practical philosophers of our times thinks about making money, you MUST read these letters.

As for me, I have just read the 2006 letter. I am going to start reading all the letters and make my own notes.

Happy downloading and reading ! Please pass on this link to your friends.