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A Center Right think tank for India

Ok..after my last blog post on social entrepreneurship, I did some more research and wanted to post couple of ideas. However, pressures of my day job, and my habit of getting into too many discussions on the Net, meant I had to put off the social entrepreneurship blog posts for this week also.

I did not check the Offstumped site for a few days last week.And I had stopped visiting the Friends of BJP site as well.But this morning, I went to the Offstumped and FoBJP sites, and read the posts by Amit Malaviya and Rajesh Jain.These two gentlemen have come up with a Concept Note for setting up a Center Right Think Tank for India.

You can read part 1 of the Concept Note here. Read all four parts (till now) from that site.
Excerpt from Part 1:

India suffers from a lack of critical thinking on several key issues of national importance. The thinking that goes on happens within the confines of government - the civil service and the cabinet. There is almost a complete absence of groups outside the …

Thoughts on Social Entrepreneurship - Part 1

With the recession related job loss becoming a reality in India, people are looking at alternative career options. There are a few who are setting up their own small businesses, whilst a large number of newly unemployed or under-employed are trying to look for 'secure' jobs, and engaging themselves in discussions about the 'turn around' - when it will happen, and what will be the new lucrative avenues for employment.

Like most sectors, the nascent startup ecosystem in India is also suffering, although the relative lack of media focus on the startup scene meant that most of us are hardly aware of the churn.

In this context, the area of 'social entrepreneurship' assumes importance for the following reasons:
1.The potential for success and scaling up is enormous in India because of the untapped needs of our 1 billion plus population.
2.Social entrepreneurship is not easy, but the startup capital required is not high, and there are practically no entry barriers.Any one…