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Random thoughts on the World T20 thingamajig

Ok, first the Indian elections, then the Indian Premier League in South Africa, and now the World T20 in England..are all over and done with.

I blogged a bit (and commented a lot) on the elections, thoroughly enjoyed the IPL because my team, Deccan Chargers, did exceedingly well (heck, we won it !), but the World T20 thingamajig did not really capture my attention till India got bounced out of the tournament.Defending champs and we did not even make the semis. Lots of reasons, but now is not the time.

The time, now is to first raise a toast (actually make it two), to the finalists - Sri Lanka and Pakistan, and extend warm congratulations to the Pakistanis for winning the cup in such a convincing fashion.

Some random notes from my dekko of the tournament:

1.T20, while it could be exciting as hell, could also bring down playing standards quite a bit, especially when they are over done.Case in point: India's over paid, over playing, over travelling cricketers.The fatigue is more mental t…

Is UPA-2 moving centre-right?

It has been a month since the UPA stormed back to power at the Centre.And less than three weeks since the new Cabinet has taken charge. It is too early to take stock of the situation ( I mean, Obama is still having his honeymoon !) but I see a few signs that the UPA Government is trying to do things a bit differently this time.And some of the actions show a slight movement towards centre-right, a departure from the Congress's typical centre-left approach to issues of national interest.

Before I proceed further, let me state that I still don't like the Congress Party because of (a) its role in the under development of the country, including some of the Stalinist policies on critical areas of the economy (centralised planning for example), and (b) its blatant violation of the Indian Constitution, especially areas related to individual freedom, institutional independence etc and (c) the stranglehold of one dynasty over the Party and the Indian polity for the past 60 years, and the…