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Saluting the martyrs of 26/11

I received a forward today and wish to pass it on to my friends.In the blessed memory of all the brave soldiers and police officers who laid down their lives between Nov 26-30, 2008 in Mumbai, protecting us from the terrorist attacks.1.Sri Hemant Karkare, Joint Commissioner of Police, ATS, Mumbai2.Sri Ashok Kamte, ACP, Mumbai East3.Sri Jaywant Patil, Police Constable4.Sri Yogesh Patil, Police Constable5.Sri Ambadas Pawar, Police Constable6.Sri Mukesh B.Jadhav, Home Guard7.Sri Rahul Shinde, Constable, State Reserve Police Force8.Sri M.Chowdhary, Constable, Railway Police Force9.Sri Arun Chitte, Police Constable10.Sri Balasaheb Bhosale, Asst. Police Sub-Inspector11.Sri Tukaram G.Omble, Asst. Police Sub-Inspector, D.B.Marg PS12.Sri Bapusaheb Durugade, Asst.Police Sub-Inspector, Naigaon PS13.Sri Prakash P.More, Police Sub-Inspector,L.T.Marg PS14.Sri Shashank Shinde, CST Railway PS15.Sri Vijay Saluskar, Police Inspector, Anti-extortion cell, Mumbai16.Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan, NSG Command…

Catching up..

I am coming off more than a month-long hiatus from blogging. One of the reasons: I have become a dad again, with the birth of our baby boy (yet to be named) on Oct 12. However, I have been reading the usual newspapers and the occassional online columns/blogs.And as active as ever on Facebook.

I drafted a couple of posts in between on (1) the AP situation with respect to Jagan and the Obulapuram Mining Company (OMC) and (2) Sachin Tendulkar completing 20 years in international cricket. Many people have written about Sachin, and in a much better manner. So, I decided to junk that post.

I have also junked the post on Jagan and OMC, but decided to salvage a few points. As far as the AP /Karnataka situation is concerned, here's my take at a high level:

1.The BJP, having benefited from the largesse and muscle power of the Bellary Reddys, cannot now survive in Karnataka without their backing. They have had it coming, and the desperate, pitiful manner in which the BJP high command ( a misnom…