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Indian History- Akbar books at school and under graduate level generally give us black or white descriptions of historical figures, especially the Mughal period.We are told that Akbar stood for religious tolerance, and Aurangzeb is known for being a pious Muslim and for atrocities against Hindus.Jehangir and Shahjehan are portrayed as art lovers.The Internet has made historical research and collaboration possible between not just University professors and Govt-funded research scholars, but also interested amateurs from various fields.I wish I had the time to do my own research, but other pursuits beckon :)However, I keep trawling the web for new resources and perspectives on World and Indian history.Bharatendu is one such site.Sarvesh Tiwari thinks in 'shuddh' Hindi and translates his thoughts into English, making his style quaint in a readable way.In this multi-part post on Akbar, Sarvesh looks at sources fro…