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IT outsourcing waves and other matters..

An interesting discussion on Sramana Mitra's blog about Wave 3 of Indian IT Outsourcing by Sudhakar Ram. Read the article and the comments, especially by Subbaraman Iyer.

Now, for my take on this topic. I must say both Sudhakar Ram and Subbaraman Iyer have valid points. I am reproducing my comment on their posts below. However, before you read my comments, here's little summary of the debate.

Sudhakar Ram (he is the founder-CEO of Mastek)'s thesis is that the time is ripe for a Wave-3 in Indian IT Outsourcing. Wave 1 is the staff augmentation (body shopping) phase where Indian companies did low end work in India, and sent hordes of people to US to work at client sites. Wave 2 started in mid-90's and currently at its peak. This involves large scale offshore projects and implementation of CMMi and other quality processes, and world-class IT infrastructure.

Wave 3 according to Sudhakar Ram will see Indian companies do what hitherto has been the preserve of global MNCs such a…

Kasi Yatra - Part 4

We are back. So, the autos sped through some fairly narrow lanes of Varanasi and deposited us in front of a street with a door at its entrance (yes, a door !). The board read 'Sri Rama Taraka Andhra Ashram'. The place where we had accommodation (Karivena Brahmana Satram) was supposed to be in the vicinity. I called the Karivena Satram manager on the cell and he gave me directions. Apparently, the Satram (travelers lodge) is some 150 m from where we were. The autos wouldn't /couldn't go beyond the spot where we got down. So, I went first through the street-door and after a couple of turns, found my self in an area full of pilgrims from Andhra Pradesh, and a few restaurants doing brisk business in Idli, Dosa, Vada, Coffee and Tea. (Great ! Food won't be an issue in this area, I thought). I found the Andhra Ashram too, and a shop keeper there guided me towards the Karivena Satram.
Thirty minutes later, we were all checked in at Karivena Satram. We took four rooms and e…