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Mumbai terror attacks..

What else is there to say?
I am tired of the same, inane statements by politicians (of all hues), and disgusted by the political correctness of mainstream English media.One may find some solace in venting in the comforts of the blogosphere.

But it is obvious that beyond a point, all these discussions and blame games won't achieve much.

I can do no better than direct you (the reader) to Offstumped, where Yossarin calls for a Satyagraha against terror. Here are the features of the Satyagraha:

Characteristic# 1 - It must be unrelenting in the demands it makes of the State to compel it into action on Terrorism pre-emptively or otherwise.
Characteristic# 2 - It must be uncompromising in its intolerance of not just perpetrators of acts of terror but also of those who aid and abet terror by providing sanctuary to those perpetrators.
Characteristic# 3 - It must be self sustaining in its execution through local community action directed at vigilance and audit of local law enforcement