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A lull in blogging..

After some long posts, I have again entered a quiet phase in my blogging behavior.

We celebrated Lasya's first birthday in India, (she had her first birthday in UK last year) on March 12 and had a get together on Sunday, March 18. Met some family friends after a long gap. Thats what get togethers are for, and this one really served its purpose. Lasya had loads of fun too.

One of the guests asked me why I am still with TCS :-) And if I am with TCS, why am I in Bangalore and not in US or UK? lol ! I honestly did not know how to answer the gentleman in brief. And that was not the place to give a long winded answer.

Don't worry..neither am I going to give a long winded answer on this blog.

In response to the query by our guest, I just shrugged, smiled, and remarked that I am too lazy.
He took it as a joke ( It was, at least partly).

In any case, it is now time to declare ( and commit my self to the declaration), that I am finally happy about two business ideas that we (me and some friends) developed.

And if things go as per plan ( no reason why they won't), we should be launching some thing on our own by Dasara.

I will share as much info as I can about the two business ideas by and by. For now, all I can say is that one idea is in the Software as Service (SaaS) space with a strong connection to brick and mortar supply chain. The other idea is in the 'life style' space and does not have any thing to do with IT.

But what I can also do is talk about some of the new small businesses being set up by friends in my network. Will have a post or two coming very soon on this.