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Technical Writing in the Life Sciences Industry

This is the article I recently wrote and sent to TechCraft.


Working for a noble cause
- Technical Writing in the Life Sciences and Health Care Domain

Those among us, who follow the technical writing mailing lists in India, are used to questions from freshers in the field on the career path of technical writers (TWs) after a few years in the profession. Another oft-repeated question is related to the perception about lack of respect to technical writers in an IT organization.

While responding to such questions, we see senior members of the profession advise the TW to focus on improving his/her skills and obtain domain knowledge- and both career growth as well as respect will follow. It is obvious that one of the main trends today is the increasing emphasis on domain-knowledge for the technical writer. And when a TW acquires domain knowledge, there could be a natural career progression, which may not be currently visible.

For TWs working in the IT industry, the Life Sci…