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Well, here I am, on a moderately wintry evening, playing old telugu melodies on the computer and typing away my first blog.

There is so much one can say and yet words sometimes are such poor cousins of actions..aren't they? A friend at Univ used to talk about 'active pacifists' and 'passive activists'. Sometimes one does fear that such a fate befells most individuals in today's ultra-fast, nano-tech civilisation.

Hmm..anyway, this is supposed to be an Intro..the first blog..and I better be a little more cheerful about the world, I reckon.

In the coming weeks, I shall first attempt a high level understanding of the world as I see it..try to create a list of things I want to write about..and scribble a few thoughts that have crytallized over time.

Lets see how this shapes up.