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The White Umbrella and other random thoughts

I have reduced my blog-hopping these days, as I seem to spend more time reading a few regular blogs, apart from the interesting discussions I have been having at Facebook.

- Blogger Yossarin at Offstumped has created a separate Wordpress blog to discuss Shveta Chhatra, aka the big white tent. Go there, read about it, and add your bits.

-Meanwhile, at the IPL, we have Deccan Chargers Hyderabad and Royal Challengers Bangalore meeting in the finals.These two teams finished at the bottom of the table in IPL 1.Goes to show that 20:20 as a format has stuck to the tradition of 'glorious uncertainty' of Cricket as a whole. As I have lived in Hyderabad (currently living) and also Bangalore (IMP: the Missus is from there), we have had the Hyd Vs Blr, which city is better kinda debates lots of times. I don't really mind who wins today because both the teams have over achieved already compared to last season. But it will be interesting to see Gilly Vs Kumble as captains - both these pla…

General Elections 2009 - Analysis of AP Results

Caution: Long post :)

The newspapers, the blogworld, and the electronic media are full of election results analysis this week. With the amazing victory of Indian National Congress (INC) led UPA in the Lok Sabha elections, and the INC's successful defense of its citadel in Andhra Pradesh (AP), hopes have been raised because of assured stability at both centre and state for the next five years.

Even though I am not a supporter of Congress politics, I find it hard not to feel happy about the results because: 1.The Left has been routed in its strongholds and 2.Indian electorate has decisively voted for a National party(though for the wrong one !) ; except for Bihar and Orissa, INC has fared well wherever it was pitted against the regional parties. This bodes well for our polity. I will have another post where I am going to look at the short, medium and long term possibilities for inclusive growth and economic policy under the new dispensation.

For now, I would like to indulge in some ana…