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Solutions, any one ?

Firstly, here's wishing you all a very happy new year ! And advance wishes for Sankranthi/Pongal !

In 2008 Jan, we (the entire extended family) went on a trip to Varanasi, Allahabad and surrounding places. In 2009 Jan, we did the Rameswaram, Kanyakumari circuit. This year, we have a new born at home, and therefore, no Sankranthi trips. Hopefully in May, I will head to some place in cooler climes for a week or two. Lets see.
On the political front, as expected, the all-party meeting convened by Mr.Chidambaram has not yielded any specific outcomes other than an appeal to stop the bandhs and let people go about their daily lives. It looks like the political tamasha is going to continue for some more time. However, not a single politician or 'intellectual' is talking about any feasible solution.Says a lot about the kind of people we allow to become leaders.

Let me make an attempt to list down the main concerns of various stakeholders, so that we can have an idea a…