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Telangana Issue - What exactly is going on?

Like most of us, I have been observing the mess going on - with my own eyes and ears on the streets of Hyderabad, and on the TV channels, newspapers, and of course, the internet.

I am planning to do a detailed post/s over the weekend on this. However, I have already been part of a debate or two on some blogs, and to start with, I would like to post a lengthy comment that I did on Sepia Mutiny this morning.

Here's my comment:

1.It is not true that Telangana was merged with Andhra immediately after the 1948 police action.Hyderabad state was formed and it had a separate existence till 1956, when both Hyderabad and Visalandhra were merged to form AP.There was a Gentlemen's Agreement between leaders of all three areas (similar to the earlier Sreebagh Pact between Rayalaseema and Coastal AP for Visaalandhra) before this happened.The movement to merge was as strong in Hyderabad state as it was in Andhra.The name 'Telangana' itself means 'land of Telugus'.

2.English education spread more rapidly in Coastal AP than in Telangana during the pre-indepedence days because of the British rule Vs Nizam rule difference.This also led to the faster rise of intermediary castes in Coastal AP (much like neighbouring TN). Compared to Coastal AP, feudalism is still much stronger in Telangana and Naxalism is almost a direct fallout of the feudal atrocities on the rural poor.

3.The British built better irrigation facilities in areas under their control (obviously, for better tax collection) and also better communication and transport infrastructure. So, when the state of AP was formed, there was a significant gap between Hyderabad and Coastal AP. Rayalaseema, though part of Visalandhra was as backward as Telangana or more, but that's a different story.

3.Post-state formation, several Government Orders were put in place (Mulki rules for example), to ensure that Telangana people don't lose out in competition against the better educated and organized Coastal Andhras.Telangana terrain was not suited for major irrigation projects and therefore the Govt went for medium and smaller irrigation projects in Telangana such as Nizam Sagar, Sriram Sagar and the like.The major industries were sought to be equally distributed between the three areas, but if one looks at it, most of the major PSU industries (BEL, BHEL, ECIL to name a few) have gone to Telangana and some to Vizag - almost none to Rayalaseema.

4.The separate Telangana movement and the Jai Andhra movement in the late 60s and early 70s were quite violent compared to the Telangana movement in the 1990s and 2000s.KCR, till recently, used to take pride in the fact that his movement has been non-violent with not a single life lost due to the cause.That it has changed now, can be correlated to the weakening of Naxal movement in Telangana after the IT boom, and the Naxals who moved to Chattisgarh have now infiltrated the ranks of Telangana agitators.It is a well known fact that most ideologues of Telangana movement are also sympathisers of the Maoist movement.Kakatiya University which is completely dominated by Maoist elements is also the fountainhead of Telangana ideology.

5.The politicians of Telangana (Congress and TRS mainly) see the issue as their only route to power.BJP also sees a chance to become a king maker if not a king, in a separate Telangana.

Interestingly, the CPM and CPI leadership in AP is not enthusiastic about Telangana even though their strength in AP is mainly in Telangana districts. (I think they don't see eye to eye with their Naxal brethren.)

So, it is no wonder that ABVP activists in OU are in the forefront of the current agitation.And the Congress leaders who are pro-Telangana, who had lost their voice during YSR's reign have now found a fresh energy.

6.The situation as of now, is leading to some very inane conspiracy theories in the local media. I was watching a discussion on a Telugu channel this morning where the panelists were alleging the following:

(a) Sonia/CWC see a risk in the dependency on AP with 42 LS seats.They know that YSR is not around to win them over 35 in 2014.They feel that by giving Telangana, they can count on majority of seats from the new State.That way, they will be reducing the dependency on YS Jagan or YSR's legacy.

(b)Chidambaram from TN and Veerappa Moily from KN are being influenced by lobbies from their home states. A unified AP is fast emerging as a financial, business and health care hub in South India.A divided AP will be weaker because the richer Coastal AP businessmen will lose the Hyd advantage. Also, upper riparian States like Maharashtra and KN see an advantage in dealing with a smaller Telangana than a large state such as AP.

(c)Veerapa Moily is also being influenced by senior Congress leaders from Telangana.

(d)Sonia Gandhi thinks its easier to manage the state congress units of two smaller states than that of a larger state with powerful Rayalaseema leaders such as YS Jagan.On one hand, Telangana leaders will be beholden to her and OTOH, caste equations in rest of AP will ensure Congress dominance there as well.

So, there are theories and more :)

The common people in Telangana have never shown the required enthu for a separate state as is evidenced by the election results time and again. And as for Telugu culture, Telangana has always contributed more than its share through its poets, scholars, painters, and the like.Some of the most noble kings of south india were from Telangana.Some of the best Telugu and Prakrit poets.A Jnanpith award winner for Telugu.A scholar-politician (PVNR).A robust culture of scientific (esp.metallurgical) innovation from medieval ages.

My own take on the issue, so far:

People of Andhra, Rayalaseema and Telangana are like brothers.When brothers want to divide the house and go their separate ways, the discussions have to be among them.Not imposed by a high command at mid night.AP is not Sonia's birthday cake that she can cut into pieces and give away.We need to sit down and discuss again - have a gentlemen's agreement if required. And put the whole issue through a democratic process where people will decide and not rulers in Delhi. As long as Delhi doesn't understand this 'Telugu sentiment', any solution is bound to fail and result in violence.

If you read the Sepia Mutiny post on the Telangana issue, it is obvious that the blogger Amardeep, who is otherwise quite knowledgeable about India, has chosen to form his opinion about the issue by reading the BBC.And the lack of proper awareness about the history behind the issue is there for all of us to see. But to his credit, Amardeep mentions his relative lack of awareness of the 'history in depth' and says he 'would be glad to be enlightened by readers who know the region better than I do'. And his request has been taken up happily by many readers, including my self. So far so good.

Then I chanced upon another article, this time from a British news paper, where its Delhi correspondent wrote absolute filth masquerading as a news-opinion piece. I simply have no words to say because I am disgusted by the lack of journalistic skill or knowledge of subject exhibited by the piece. Such is the nature of the Western world's expertise on India, and we routinely quote them to attack our fellow Indians.


Coastal AP and Rayalaseema have almost come to a stand still today and the situation may continue through the weekend. On Monday, the action is likely to shift to Hyderabad again, when the Assembly resumes, and Congress LS member from Vijayawada, Lagadapati Rajagopal (better known for being the richest Congress MP in India and son-in-law of late Parvataneni Upendra) is going to start a fast demanding the introduction of Telangana bill in AP assembly and allowing secret ballot to determine its fate. But things could change between now and then.
The other option, if Sonia were to behave like Indira Gandhi did, is to bypass the State Assembly (the Constitution allows that), and introduce a bill directly in Parliament. But again, Congress will be forced by its own MPs and weight of public opinion across the country to introduce a bill for the nine or ten demands for separate states :)

I doubt if Sonia and her advisers will take that route and allow the ruckus to spread from Hyderabad to rest of the country's legislatures and to the Parliament it self, endangering the UPA Govt. If push comes to shove, Congress may cut losses in AP, and either go for assembly dissolution or (and you won't believe this) ask Rosaiah to step down and ask CLP to elect its leader. Any thing's possible in politics.

More later as the situation develops.


Chaitanya said…
Excellent! I agree with you on- "And the Congress leaders who are pro-Telangana, who had lost their voice during YSR's reign have now found a fresh energy."

K.K, V.H, Venkataswamy naidu, madhu yashki, jana reddy etc who had shut their mouth during YSR's reign found this as a great opportunity. I stronlgy believe that TRS would merge with congress to form government in separate telangana. If telangana is separated (or rather given by sonia government :) ), congress would completely loose its roots in rest of andhra pradhesh (what should we call it then?). I think mr.naidu should take this opportunity, declare his opposition to separation and lead the samaikya andhra movement.

On the other hand, I really don't understand why Jagan is so silent on this while his entire team is quite active. Is this a strategy? If Jagan gets involved in this, am sure he will gain more respect.
Anonymous said…
Yous said "AP is not Sonia's birthday cake that she can cut into pieces and give away.We need to sit down and discuss again ". UPA chairperson, PM, Home minister & Pranab all discussed and after assurance from CM that all the parties would support it if congress supports. CBN supported Telangana state in assembly saying the same thing that if congress proposes they would support. What did Congress CLP & AP Ministers meeting decide? One word resolution that High Command would take a decision for them. So the Union Govt. decised so what is all the resignation drama/opportunism by Congress/TDP/PRP?
Anonymous said…
I see only 2 reasons for the current unrest in Andhra/Seema. One, Rich politicians like Lagadapati are trying to look after thier interests/ruturns on thousands of acres of land holdings around Hyderabad.
Two, Lagadapati in Andhra, JC in Seema who first started resignations and all the other leaders who joined the bandwagon are plotting for the next elections once the new states are formed.
Anonymous said…
Nevermind what i said in the last 2 posts. Stumbled on a wrong blog I guess. I just read your comments on SepiaMutiny and each and every point you mentioned is a lie. Obviously you need to learn about the first thing about Journalism, keep it balanced.
Videhi Visali said…
An eye-opening blog! I am totally in awe to learn so many HIDDEN historical facts about our state. Brilliant job done here!
It will great if we can pass on this info and make few maniacs realize the null-worth of this separation!!
Abhishek said…
Don't worry. Sonia is going to do a lot more than divide AP before she's done with India.
Kumar Narasimha said…

You are right about TRS merging with Congress if Telangana is given, at this time.As for Jagan, yes, he needs to remain silent for now.In any case, his team is acting as per the script :)

Anonymous: Not going to respond to your first two comments because you want me to ignore them :) As for my comments on Sepia, they are the same as the ones mentioned here.One can't please every one in the world.And I am happy that I ain't a regular journalist.That allows me freedom to say what I want.Peace.
Kumar Narasimha said…
Thanks.I am totally clueless on how to popualise a blog :) But happy to have a few friends and regular visitors read my stuff.


The problem, IMO, is not just Sonia.It is the entire Congress culture of playing 'divide and rule' for political gains.I wonder when our gullible people finally see through the whole muck.
Amardeep said…
Hi Kumar,

Just to clarify, when I wrote that blog post I didn't really have a fully formed opinion. Also, I did link to a few Indian news sources in addition to BBC.

But at any rate, thanks for your informative comments and for this informative post. It's particularly helpful for non-Telugu speakers to have a sense of what the discussion is like in the Telugu media.

(Incidentally, one of the best ways to popularize a blog is to link to established blogs. I will be following your posts here from now on.)


Kumar Narasimha said…
Dear Amardeep,

Thanks for dropping by. I have been reading your blog posts for the past 4 years, and learned how to exchange views in a civil manner through my SM experience.So, I owe you guys.

I chanced upon the Telegraph article and was offended by it.And I saw that the BBC article was the first one linked on your post, though I must admit it was far better researched than the Telegraph one.

Rahul said…
Hi Kumar,
I quite frankly am dissapointed with your views. You stated about the disadvantages of the seperated AP vis-a-vis other states but have not addressed what factors within the state led to the current situation. The arguement that other regions are also backward does'nt mean telangana region people should'nt protest.

I laugh at the politicians and people who are now insisting on unity of telugu people when in real life they would'nt help others until they belong to their own caste.

Anyways people interested should try to honestly research these things

Telangana history from last 200 years to the present they got ripped by nizam, killed by razakars, exploited by government injustice in jobs, lack of irrigation projects when two major rivers run through it, betrayal by by-gone telangana politicians and spinelessness of the present day telangana politicians.

Generations of telangana people have been cruelly oppressed by nizam, uncared thereafter by the successive government(CM's mostly were from the other regions). Frustations, helplessness and revolt runs deep in the blood, offshoot of which unfortunately I think is naxalism.

People in telangana region do honestly want a seperate state. It is more than 50 year-old movement right from AP's inception. More than 400 students and farmers have made supreme sacrfices. People have to go back and read some history and only can they make constructive solutions to the problem. Just saying united andhra does'nt solve the problems on ground.

Hell, in US we have two organisations for telugu people running on caste and regional lines. Why no unity there.

One more question to ponder. If telangana seperates, why do rayalseema and may be uttarandhra want to seperate from andhra. Where is the unity and who is the culprit.

There is discontent which needs to be addressed. Unfortunately in the past Government made lot of unkept promises to the region and the trust factor is not there any more.
Kumar Narasimha said…

Before you get too disappointed, I suggest you read the post carefully. I listed the theories being floated on Telugu TV channels and called some of them 'inane'.

I have also summarized my take on the issue towards the end.However, I simply don't agree with the victim narrative of Telangana region and will discuss that in my next post.

President's rule looks imminent now.
Anonymous said…
As everyone says Andhra and Seema people developed Hyderabad We also Developed Banglore and Chennai. almost half the population there are from Andhrapradesh United almost half the Tax payers there are from United Andhrapradesh we have a share in those cities Too. We need them to Too Jai Andhra.
manjula said…
As Andhra Pradesh State affairs today jeopardized with a word of SEPERATION leading to fragments without any proper identity at the end, I am disgusted to share my views as an Indian instead of feeling proud to say we were the one who WON against the British Rulers rather saying that I hail more particularly from our state which is supposed to be known for its richest Tradition, Culture & sentiments which is quite contrast for today's state of affairs.

Instead of self sympathy and disappointment, as Mr Rahul expressed I feel it would be better to handle the issues in a positive manner as a learned person by rectifying the mistakes committed in the past, with due diligence and care and to take appropriate steps for the upliftment of deprived region with reconstructive & progressive policies. If the state is fragmented the cost of reconstruction would definitely compensate the deprived by 3 folds.

It is pertinent to discuss that keeping view of the essence of the whole grievance expressed there can be endless counter grievances at any time, that too at the cost of the public property, life & future of young students .

Now its time for any Andhraite to think that the history cannot be changed but certainly the Future can. Hence instead of conducting meaningless Agitations (Udhyamam) a better proposal can hit a prosperous and a peaceful society by avoiding to become the prey of smart political strategies.

Please open your hearts and implement with mind the Morals stories we were taught during primary schooling that " UNITY STRENGTHENS ".
Kumar Narasimha said…

Thanks for the heartfelt comment.

Whatever be the solution, we all seem to agree that it has to come from within the people and keeping in mind the interests of all sections of the Telugu society.We can have two Telugu states, fine.But the decision cannot just be on the basis of a few agitators and leaders threatening to bring down normal life.The saddest thing to come out of all this is that Telugus of different regions have become uneasy with each other, and the sweet language of Telugu is being used for hate speeches on both sides.
Vamsi said…
I agree with the remarks of Kumar. Excellent work on information. People never want to be divided unless there is a very strong cause, unlike politicians. But the way some telangana poeple whose families were mostly victims during the preindependence period in Nizams' governance, still on the premeditated minds feel that independence from Andhra Pradesh is the solution just like Kashmir from India. We should understand that in "Union of States", the stronger the word "State", the stronger the National politicians dependence, and their helping hand towards the State. The smaller the "State", they definitely overlook at us, particularly towards southern state, where States divided on linguistic basis. We didnt get even a Cabiniet rank ministries out of 42 and, even to get merged the Vizag railways with southern from Howraw, it took decades, transferring all the money to Bengal side, in addition to so many other issues, why people in the same state would disturb their unity, at the cost of no gain.
Dear Kumar,

I have been a regular reader of your blog for more than 3 months.

You wrote that "There was a Gentlemen's Agreement between leaders of all three areas (Sreebagh Pact) before this happened."

The two (Gentlemen's Agreement and Sreebagh Pact) are different.
The former was between Telangana and Andhra leaders for safeguarding the interests of the Telangana region when Andhra Pradesh was formed in 1956 and the latter was between Rayalaseema and coastal Andhra leaders for safeguarding the interests of the Rayalaseema region when Andhra state was formed in 1953. It was because of this Pact that Kurnool was made the state's capital while the High Court was established in the coastal area (Guntur?).
Kumar Narasimha said…

You are right. In my haste, I missed adding that the Gentlemen's agreement was similar to the Sreebagh pact. I have corrected it in the post. Thanks for the catch.
rajashekar said…
hi kumar before commenting on anything try to know the isue from roots.when you speaak about telangana issue try to understand its not the political problem its the problem of people of telangana.they have been dominated by politicians of andhra and rayalaseema region note carefully its the people here want that to be ended and they want self governance.and also by looking into the history you can understand that telangana has been a seperate state and it should be seperated. before the formation of telangana our then prime minister mr nehru has made it clear that telangana can be seperated whenever thay wanted. when US with 30 crore population can have 50 states then a country with more than 100 crores should be having atleast more than 30 states for proper governing
Anonymous said…
This is what exactly happened with telangana
There is a debate going on for separate Telangana state since state was first formed. Recently in December 2009 few months after Dr.Rajasekhar reddy former chief ministers sudden death in helicopter crash, K. Chandrasekhar Reddy leader of Telangana Rashtra summit went through Hunger strike in demand for Telangana state. This hunger strike ignited violence from foul motivated students and benefited politicians to get attention to cover up TRS devastating loss in recent Andhra assembly election. Later consequences included strikes from coastal Andhra Pradesh. The students, Road Transport Corporation, Real Estate,Movie Industry and small scale daily business men who live below poverty line are mostly effected economically by this change in political stability.Mainly to point out IT industry which not yet recovered from 2009 Global economical recession is supposed to loose 100,000 crores in Rupees of investments for year 2010. However there is little hope of separate Telangana state as the way Telangana movement is being run is mostly criticized for its violence and falsely motivating students as it doesn't comes under secular way of attaining right to freedom. Even if there is a declaration of separate state there is another debate of Hyderabad to be declared as union territory since it was betaken in to Indian territory from Nizam rule under supervision of Sardar Vallabhai Patel.
friends.forever said…
kumar your blog is excellent and really if someone go through this they will know the fact about TELANGANA,if suppose telangana given again the situation will be asusual only the politicians are benifited no worth for the people and that too if need to take a decision it should be discussed among our A.P people only...not by the people in delhi...
Prakash said…
I agree "AP is not Sonia's birthday cake". But Telangana is not jagapati's flag or any andhra guys property.

I agree "the discussions have to be among them". The discussion stage is over. We are not interested in any further kallabolli kaburlu. All the previous agreements (including the promise by Congress, TDP & PRP) have failed.

If andhras are genuinely interested in staying united, please come up with a concrete proposal & campign in Telangana. Conducting agitations in your 13 districts will not help.

Imputing motives to TN & KA people is foolish. Do not ascribe your own bhasha durabhimanam and prantiya gajji to others.

Jai Telangana
Anonymous said…
hi,everything is fine.what is there so much of importance to MR.JAGAN.He is behaving like what his dad was and he is going to go to hell the same way.

Reg-CBN,the biggest joker in ap.

All congress leaders in telangana,chamchas of sonia,defaming telangana.
Karthik Mothe said…

I agree to your comment "AP is mot Sonia's B'day cake". But at the same time, we must realize only central govt can do anything on this issue.

My whole point in this issue is why Andhra People are now comming up with "Telugu Jaati" and all other kinds of slogans when they did not care for this region from decades.

If Andhra people cannot stay with Tamilians for 5 yrs, they have no right to talk about unity. And when they were diving from Madras state, did they care about the feelings of Tamilians? Then why Andhra people are asking now to consider their argument. I dont understand.

One more thing you mentioned about the sentiment about Telangana people and election results. I would like to say, as every party promised telanga, you cannot treat defeat of TRS as verdict for telangana sentiment. I would like to invite people from across the state who have any doubts on what people on telangan are thinking to tour Tealangana districts and the form an opinion.

Jai Telangana!!!
Anonymous said…
I have some thing to share with u guys now a days Telangana issue raising up a lot to destroy students businesses normal people like me.Before it was dry hell telangana there is no telangana far far away even in maps too.We created like haeven.
Subbu said…
People who are showing contradictions of Andhra people asking for unity while being fractious and divisive along caste lines themselves should take a break, frankly. Firstly, caste division exists across the country, and is not limited to Andhra/Telangana. That is an issue which needs to addressed on a nationwide basis, like the racial issue in the US, and should not be limited only to caste but also discuss division based on religion.

However, victimisation and divisions are not convincing arguments, as the divisions will never end and tomorrow there may e regions within Telangana which may feel victimized and ask for separaton. How many pieces can you divide the pie into? The fact that the economic hub of Hyderabad gotr built in the Telangana region and trickles down economic properity to surrounding areas is a hole in the theory that that area has been neglected. There are poor people across Andhra and looking for victimisation patterns along regional/district lines is destructive and a self-fulfilling prophecy. If that's the case then why shouldn't poorer districts start asking for separation? Why not have a separate state for the East Godavari district?

The fact is that VERY FEW people in Andhra areeven aware of which region a person belongs to, let alone even think of discriminating along regional lines. If a section of people are disaffected with the government and feel neglected then show it to them and demand for progress. That's the way things are done in a democracy. Having a separate bureacracy for every region is not the answer. I'm still looking for a convincing rationale for separating Telangana and unless somebody uncovers some hidden secrets THERE IS NONE!!
Anonymous said…
Does any one think what would happen as a fall out of this state bifurcation happens? I have no clue. But I wonder if the Muslim majority in a many parts of the Telangana would be interested in asking for a separation from India? I also wonder what would happen to the maoist movement in this part of the country?
In all this what will be our neighboring countries thoughts would be? Is this going to challenge the unity of our great India, our Indian cultural heritage?Some question that I do not seem to find a clues foir the answers.
TeluguRashtram said…
Dear all,
I know if I'm jumping out of this topic. I had seen y'day's AndhraJyothi news paper(21.07.2011).. the headlines are really horrible. The Telangana Vs seemandhra Netas are commenting like mad dogs. Why Media is so irresponsibile publishing such comments.. we know these netas do not have any minds nor any care for the nation; how about this media. What kind of society we are creating? For whom? The so called democracy is dead..First of all, don't we have any issue other than this "SEPERATION". We all know that the state was ruled by all these Netas, including KCR. Then where is the question that suddenly somebody saying one region was unjustified; after decades. Let's hang all these guys; then the 10 crore telugu jaati will have no regions at all. Neither Netas nor media is thinking of "National Integrity".. I'm really quite disturbed.. AP was really doing well before 9th Dec'2009.. why sudden unrest.. guys, we will have to do something.. I'm pure telugu guy.. I take pride to say that I belong to Telangana,Rayalaseema,Andhra. Mana rashtram Telugu Rashtram.
Anonymous said…
Mr Kumar
Excellent explanation of the facts.The AP state at present is in a state of total confusion.Congress doesnt want to take risk of separation for loosing their base permanently in entire AP,TRS is hoping to rule for ever in Telangana,YSR dreming to rule coastal seema regions. So TDP and Congress are in real risk so they will not support separation. Coming to telangana region peoples comment that telangana was not developed by andhra rulers, who are the culprits, the telangana representatives. Major chunk of central funds and state funds spent on Hyderabad in united AP because Hyderabad is the capital town. If Hyderabad is a part of Telangana , how they can say that telangana was not developed. In one side they are enjoying the fruits of a fully developed city and on the other they are calling region not developed. If they allow Hyderabad to remain as UT no body from coastal seema region will object to separation. Avva kaavali Buvva kaavali, nahi chalega. The real estates in Hyderabad has gone down to the lowest level. Those who do not have any property in Hyderabad will not feel the pinch of this downfall of real estate prices. They are waiting like foxes that once telanaga is formed they can bbuy andhra peoples properties at throw away prices that is why andhra people are objecting to telangana because their hard earned properties will be devalued.
Anonymous said…
Bull shit blog, too narrow minded and selfish and the comments are full of confirmation bias, people like what they want to believe can never handle the truth.

Read this report by Planning commission of india.
Anonymous said…
A little history: The Telugu country remained as one entity with distinct identity for major part of history.Satavahanas are the earliest in known history. their presence around Karimnagar, Hyderabad and Amarvathi(near Guntur) is established by archeological and epigraphist evidence. The shift of Satavahanas capital to Guntur-Nalgonda border was a very astute administrative move that facilitated internal control from central location plus convenient link to the Mauryan Capital in Pataliputra. Ikshwaku rulers continued. Then western Chalukyas. for convenience eastern branch established head quarter at Rajamundry, but the sovereign was at Badami. After Palnadu war equations changed. Kakatiyas became the unquestioned supremo ruling from Warangal.
interestingly the two ministers who lead rival branches of ruling families of Palnadu war hailed from present Telengana Region. Nagamma hails from Aravidu in Karimnagar Dist. Bramhanaidu from Amanagallu in Nalgonda/Mahabubnagar.
Kakatiya ruler Prataparudra appointed 68 Padmanayakas as Mandaleswaras. As per 'Velugoti Vari Vamsavali' , a book that chronicles famille tree of Venkatagiri royal family (Nellore) all these Mandaladhikaris are descendants of one Chevireddy from Amanagallu (Nalgonda). From Bobbili to Venkatagiri all most all Zamindars till today belong to the same Recherla got ram of Velama community. It is indicative of the fact Velamas emerged as separate from Reddy community sometime in 11th century.
The above establishes the myth of 'Valasa Palakulu' being propagated by a particular family, who desecrated statue of Bramhanaidu on Tankbund , though Bramhanna happens to be their illustrious ancestor.
It is natural for people to seek patronage of Govt for their vocations and livelihood. Poets, artists and artisans flock to the Capital city for patronage. amaravathi, Rajamundry, warangal, Golkonda and Hyderabad are the historic capitals, which attract people and became nucleus of development. That explains why people from Telengana don't have to migrate to coastal/rayalasaeema.
Qutubshahi rulers and Asafjahis(Nizams) ruled entire Telugu country. After Bobbili youdham gradually coastal areas and rayalasaeema were given on lease to British. In return for this favour British would protect Nizam's other dominion from attacks by enemies I.e Marathas and Tippu Sultan. that is recent history, well documented.
when the parliament of England enacted India Independence Act, the lease given to Britain ended and territories devolve back to Nizam. Nizam claimed in fact. He wanted to continue as independent sovereign nation, with access to coast, once the coastal and rayalasaeema is restored.
In 1956 when AP state was formed, Hyderabad State ( Nizam's Dominian) was split into 3 parts. Telugu, Kannada and Marathi speaking areas were merged in respective states of Andhra, Mysore and Bombay.

from Telugu, we have Telengana. Telugu and Andhra are words that denote same language , people and territory. Pothana's Bhagavatham is a proof. In the very first chapter he uses both the words Telugu and Andhra with same meaning. Historic documents of Muslim historians in medieval period in Persian use the word tilingana to describe entire Telugu country, as distinct from Kannada, Marathi speaking territories of Nizam's Dominian.
so Andhra, Telengana is same. They are not different.
Facts first

Population of Telangana including Hyderabad is 3.52 crore as per 2012 census. It is not 4.5crore as most people mention.

Telugu people were constituted as one political entity in the 2500 years of known history, stating from Satavahanas. In 1850 Nizam rented Coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema to British.

68 chieftains belonging to one family 'Recherla' gothram hailing from Amanagallu (Mahabubnagar-Nalgonda Border) appoiunted by Kakateeya Prataparudra to rulr various mandalams of Telugu country. For past 850 years the scions of these families have been zamindars from Bobbili to Venkatagiri on the coast.

Bramhanaidu whose statue on Tank Bund was broken was from this lineage. His rival Nagamma hailed from Aravidu in Katimnagar Dist.

As such historically it is clear who are 'valasa palakulu'
Pothana in theintroductory chapter of Bhagavatham used 'telugu' and 'Andhramu' to mean same language.

History writers of medieval period used to the word 'telangana' to mean entire telugu country including coastal and rayalaseema. 'Andhra' was more popular in premedieval usage ( puranas )

So cultural, political history indicate a strong traditin of unity.
telanganite jai said…
-->Why you guys separated from Tamilnadu?
-->How you guys asked madras to be part of Andhra?
-->Why you guys mixed with Hyderabad state again?
-->If "KCR" is an ass hole then what about "Potti Sriramulu" who fought for separate Andhra?
-->Telangana leader where not pissed of for YSR or any shit because they trusted Congress promise in 2004...
-->We never came to you guys....You guys came and ate our food.
Past is past fuck from our place..
-->You ass holes need Hyderabad not Samaikya Andhra just like you Need Sex not Love......
-->If we not get telangana we will use Godavari,Krishna for washing our shit and that is the water you guys gonna drink..Holy shit :)
Anonymous said…
For separate identity for telugu speaking people…As you are asking Hyderabad is part of telangana… Hyderabad state assemble passed the resolution to merge with Andhra people (we are not merged)…When Telangana is merged and state of Andhra Pradesh formed the is no regional boundaries….do you know the boundaries of Hyderabad state it partly in karnataka, and maharastra…. That people are neither asked for any regional reservations nor getting… They belive in self respect (Atma gourava)..…There is no regional reservations in that states…Pl. ask to cancel regional reservations (that should be unconstitutional)… who wants (begs) it.
Godavari and Krishna not started in telangana … that means what you are drinking is?
propidad sbm said…
Excellent explanation of the factsand thanks for the information you have provided.
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Suraj Poreddy said…
This blog is a bullshit and very biased towards a region. Kumar your thoughts are selfish and your facts are irrelevant. Andhra Pradesh people were already divided. Only geographical division is left. There is no sense in using words like "unity" , "telugu jati" when one region doesn't like other. Where do all these people who are active in samaikyandhra movement went when so called their telangana brothers giving their lives for telangana movement. Telangana movement is a real movement that came from the hearts of the people rather than sammaikyandhra movement which is a fake movement due to selfish interests on hyd and water resources. I dont trust cong govt that will do division but division is compulsory whether it is cong or BJP or AAP (improbable). If any govt delays this division further I fear attacks on seemandhra people in telangana like those racist attacks on indians in america and australia. Respect telanganites and get respect in return.