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Saluting the martyrs of 26/11

I received a forward today and wish to pass it on to my friends.

In the blessed memory of all the brave soldiers and police officers who laid down their lives between Nov 26-30, 2008 in Mumbai, protecting us from the terrorist attacks.

1.Sri Hemant Karkare, Joint Commissioner of Police, ATS, Mumbai

2.Sri Ashok Kamte, ACP, Mumbai East

3.Sri Jaywant Patil, Police Constable

4.Sri Yogesh Patil, Police Constable

5.Sri Ambadas Pawar, Police Constable

6.Sri Mukesh B.Jadhav, Home Guard

7.Sri Rahul Shinde, Constable, State Reserve Police Force

8.Sri M.Chowdhary, Constable, Railway Police Force

9.Sri Arun Chitte, Police Constable

10.Sri Balasaheb Bhosale, Asst. Police Sub-Inspector

11.Sri Tukaram G.Omble, Asst. Police Sub-Inspector, D.B.Marg PS

12.Sri Bapusaheb Durugade, Asst.Police Sub-Inspector, Naigaon PS

13.Sri Prakash P.More, Police Sub-Inspector,L.T.Marg PS

14.Sri Shashank Shinde, CST Railway PS

15.Sri Vijay Saluskar, Police Inspector, Anti-extortion cell, Mumbai

16.Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan, NSG Commando

17.Sri Gajendraji, NSG Commando

A poem for the martyrs - This is a poem many of us would have read in school Hindi textbooks - Pandit Makhanlal's 'Pushp Ki Abhilasha'.

Chah Nahin Mai SurBala KeGehnon Mein Guntha Jaaon

Chah Nahin Premi Mala MeinBindh, Pyari Ko Lalchaon

Chah Nahin Samraton KeShav Par, He Hari Dala Jaaon

Chah Nahin Devon Ke Sar ParChadhon, Bhagya Par Itraoon

Mujhey Tod Lena Banmali,

Us Path Par Tum Dena Phaink

Matra Bhoomi Per Sheesh Chadhaney,

Jis Path Jaayen Veer Anek

Translation:The flower's yearning

I don't want to be a part of the necklace of a beautiful girl,

I don't want to woo the lady love,

I don't want to be spread over dead bodies,

I don't want to act like a snob, after someone offers me to the Gods

Just pluck me gardener and throw me on the road,

which is taken by the brave soldiers to give away their lives for the Motherland !

Lets bow our heads and observe a minute of silence tomorrow in homage to those soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the defence of our nation.


Abhishek said…

I posted the links to >>Hindu Temples: What Happened to Them>> by Voice of India on another forum where you made a post recently and it was deleted!!! And there was no commenting by me at all just a link to the compendium. That is how hindus are treated.

26/11? what 26/11? There is no 26th month, there are only 12 months is a year. Hindus are making it all up just as they have stashed away all the ancient temples in North India.
Kumar Narasimha said…

Can you please post the link here as a comment?

Abhishek said…

I posted these two links which were deleted by that rascal amardeep or one of his freinds

What is wrong with these links? Iconoclasm is a well known tenet in the history of the one true god guys.
nisha said…
While it may seem that terrorism has particularly added a unique and probably one of the most dangerous styles of violence against the humanity, all of us need to remember that violence per se is unjustifiable. Unexplained and lacking in a deper analysis exposure to the reports of violence causes increased levels of aggression in the minds. I hope the memory of those killed on 26/11not only mobilise people against terrorism but all forms of violence that goes on in our society unabated, including violence millions of women, in all socio-economic and educational classes and across cultural and religious barriers; and violence against Dalits and Tribals in one or the other name.
Kumar Narasimha said…

Totally agree with you that violence against any oppressed people/individuals needs to be addressed. But often, by making such arguments, we end up not addressing any kind of violence. In this post, I just wished to salute the memory of the soldiers/police personnel killed in 26/11. The approach to handle other forms of violence has to be different from the approach against religious terrorism.
Sachin said…
Hey Kumar,

How are you doing? Iam eagerly waiting for a writeup from you regarding the latest tamasha that is happening in A.P.
Its becoming really embrassing to see the complete state being put to such treatment.

Warm Regards
Kumar Narasimha said…

Events have been moving at a rapid pace for the past few days, and I have been soaking up the stuff, so to speak :)

Have done a post just now and then saw your comment.I would like to take some time, and do 1-2 longer posts on Telangana and also the question of smaller states and developmental issues Vs identity politics. I don't agree with BJP's small states for every one hypothesis.Okay, let me deal with it all in the post :D

Thanks for the continued interest in my posts.Helps to know there are a few who do come here regularly :)
thanks for this knowledge...
We should salute aur soldiers....!
sankit sharma said…
I salute every soldiers

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