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The White Umbrella and other random thoughts

I have reduced my blog-hopping these days, as I seem to spend more time reading a few regular blogs, apart from the interesting discussions I have been having at Facebook.

- Blogger Yossarin at Offstumped has created a separate Wordpress blog to discuss Shveta Chhatra, aka the big white tent. Go there, read about it, and add your bits.

-Meanwhile, at the IPL, we have Deccan Chargers Hyderabad and Royal Challengers Bangalore meeting in the finals.These two teams finished at the bottom of the table in IPL 1.Goes to show that 20:20 as a format has stuck to the tradition of 'glorious uncertainty' of Cricket as a whole. As I have lived in Hyderabad (currently living) and also Bangalore (IMP: the Missus is from there), we have had the Hyd Vs Blr, which city is better kinda debates lots of times. I don't really mind who wins today because both the teams have over achieved already compared to last season. But it will be interesting to see Gilly Vs Kumble as captains - both these players give and demand 200% from their boys.And the hatchet of Sydney 2008 is there, not yet buried fully, I suppose.

-Moving on to more weightier matters, I STRONGLY RECOMMEND this post on Atanu Dey's blog. It is a long post, and it will be worthwhile to print it,and read, re-read it, and then giving the printout to some/any youngster to read and internalize.

- I happened to discuss the question - 'secret of success' with a close friend yesterday.And my take was that:One should always listen to the heart to take a decision on which options to choose in life; once the heart takes the decision, use the mind to implement the actions. Most of the time, we tend to logically analyze the pros and cons of every possible option and then go with the one that looks least risky.Unless one hits a jackpot or plain lucky enough to have a parent/friend/sibling who hit a jackpot, taking the less risky option is bound to ensure that you end up as an under achiever.If you don't want that to happen, you need to, I repeat, 'listen to your heart'. And to put my words into practice, I have decided to only follow the heart from now on when it comes to all the really important decisions in life.Let me see how this pans out :)

- There is a lot that need to be written about the recent election results.A lot has already been written by many people. But I think I am tired by now, and I need to get a move on. So, here's the most simple analysis you are likely to find on the Internet about the Indian general elections 2009:
Indians wanted status-quo for the next 5 years.The people are really wary about any big changes, and are content to drift along somehow and survive, than risking a change.Is this good or bad? Neither.Because India as a Nation wants to wait and watch.