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From Schipol..

MY KLM flight to Amsterdam reached 10 minutes ahead of time today at 8.50 AM. The flight to Boston is at 3 PM and boarding begins at 2 PM. So, have to while away the time here.

Frankfurt airport has smoking areas, but surprisingly Schipol (Amsterdam) doesn't. For a country so liberal that it allows grass (marijuana) sold in coffee shops, I expected the airport to at least have a couple of smoking areas. Well, looks like the Dutch know what they are doing. Fair enough..
During the past 6-7 years, I transited through several international airports.And I am as familiar with Heathrow as I am with the old Bangalore HAL airport :-)

Schipol would rank among the best airports in the world, IMO.There is no in your face ostentatiousness, and the amenities are first rate (okay, if you leave out the lack of smoking areas!). I am sitting in the KLM lounge and enjoying FREE, HIGH SPEED wi-fi internet connection.What else can one ask for?

I wonder when our Indian 'international' airports mature to this stage. Last night when I boarded the KLM flight at Shamshabad(Hyderabad), I felt that with just a few minor improvements, it could do wonders to passenger comfort.

Will go get a coffee and read about stuff back home. Ciao !