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B2B = Back To Blogging

Yes, I have had another gap in my short life as a blogger. After my last post in May 1st week, I went to UK for a consulting engagement. Guess what, blogspot, wordpress and other such blogging platforms have all been blocked out by my customer’s IT department. Reason: Productivity Impact.

I do agree that blogging during the office hours does impact productivity. But then the employees are also stopped from reading blogs. These days, a lot of knowledge is disseminated in the blogosphere, and to expect your employees to read blogs related to their business only at home, some how does not please me.

Ok, so I tried connecting to the Internet from my hotel or Bed n Breakfast. I found out that it was horribly expensive from the hotel, and the Bed n Breakfast places either do not have internet connectivity and if they have it, it is extremely difficult to connect my office laptop to the wireless service provider.

So, I simply gave up blogging till I returned to India. And now I have to go back to UK again – fortunately for only 3 days this time. Hmm…the lull in my blogging won’t be so long this time.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows is getting released worldwide tonight. I liked the first three or four books in the series, and then, I must confess, the magic started to disappear. In spite of this, I know I will get up in the morning, go to M.G. Road and buy the book.

I spent my evenings and weekends in UK hunting for good books to take back home. I found at least one good book – a trilogy actually- by Peter Pullman, called ‘His Dark Materials’. It reads like a cross between Potter and LOTR. The magic is good, but more than that, Pullman paints a lot of grey instead of Rowling’s black and white. That made it more interesting for me.

Coming to my pet theme of India and its issues, I managed to post a long comment on Atanu’s blog recently about the Drug Industry and the issues with Indian policy and practice.

More later…