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Blogging about India and its issues

I haven't blogged for about 10 days now. But in these 10 days, I must have logged at least 10 comments on various sites, esp on Sepia Mutiny.Mostly long comments :-)

So, I keep telling myself that I should blog about an issue when I have a lot to say. But I also notice that I have a lot more to read than I have to say.

Let me look at what I want to blog about:

1. The educational system in India- What can we do to improve primary education and make higher education more market oriented?

2. The infrastructure issue in India - Our urban areas in dire need of regeneration; rural areas need basic facilities like water, sanitation and power. And then the roads. We need roads, roads and roads.

3.The health care system in India - Primary health care facility for the poor.More research into India-specific diseases.

4.The polity and taxation- Why am i mixing politics and economics? Because I agree with people who say that politics is the business of managing a country's resources. Here, I want to blog about the need for an effective local self government. (I think I have already blogged a bit about it).

And some other aspects of India's social and economic development.

So, I end up reading stuff like The Indian Economy Blog. And many blog sites like this one here.

For now, I think I will simply start reading and posting links here.And add some of my own ideas now and then.