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Chemical Research Process Outsourcing? Any one?

We all know about the IT outsourcing, BPO and even KPO in India.We also know that a lot of R&D outsourcing also happens in the engineering design, chip design and other such areas.

Here is some thing new- Chemical Research Process Outsourcing. I don't know how much of this is happening already in India. But in UK and US, a lot of University professors in Chemistry departments are using their labs and graduate students to do research for industry. The Chemistry departments benefit from the money paid by the industry. The students get real research experience with industry application, and good stipends. The companies (mostly Pharma)of course benefit from the research,and cut down time and costs in their research.

Why can't we do this in India?

Picture this - a few qualified Chemists, with experience in Analytical and Medicinal chemistry want to quit their jobs at some Pharma company and launch a startup. They strike a deal with a University Chemistry lab to use the facilities when the students are not conducting experiments. They get small researching contracts from Indian /global pharma companies and start their research. They enroll some of the faculty and interested students in their experiments as well.

In a year or two, they make enough money to set up their own full-fledged lab. They could now staff their extended operations with the same university students who worked with them. In essence, the university lab has not only acted as an incubator, it has also provided them with trained associates. And in doing so, the university lab has improved its own infrastructure, earned some revenues, and improved the placement percentage.

A WIN-WIN-WIN, I must say.

Now, there are literally scores of decently equipped degree and university college chemistry labs in India.And thousands of qualified chemistry graduates and post-grdautes, not to speak of experienced chemists working in various companies, for not very high salaries. And world over, dozens of Pharma companies are looking to outsource the increasing amounts of research (both basic and advanced) that they wish to take up to improve their pipeline of products.

Who will bell the cat? Chemical Research Process Outsourcing- any one?